New, Timely, Transformative Technologies

Thanks to several new client relationships, we plan to soon bring to market timely Technologies for:

  • Rebuilding Failing Asphalt RoadsTransferring "structural credits" to road foundations to create safer, longer-lasting roads while reducing the typical cost of $1.2 million per mile down to about $250,000 per mile.
  • Weapons DetectionAn entry way that uses a unique patented pass process to detect weapons without radiation.
  • Elevated Body Temperature SensingRemote sensors for elevated body temperature (“EBT”) in order to detect fever.
  • Rapid Coronavirus TestingA low-cost, lab-quality, rapid and reliable Covid test.
  • Cleaning and Decontaminating People and Places – A patented, safe and extremely effective cleaning solution with residual antimicrobial action that can be electrostatically misted and used on all surfaces, including people and their clothing.
  • Ultraviolet Room SanitizationAn ultraviolet system capable of sanitizing school buildings, offices, locker rooms, etc.
  • Blood Alcohol Detection – A non-invasive sensor that will determine the blood alcohol content of operators, drivers entering a school bus, manufacturing facility, military base, commercial aircraft, etc.
  • Facial Recognition and Identity Systems – Facial Recognition Systems to check your database for approved access to schools, dormitories, sensitive workspaces, etc.

Schools and Universities

Commercial Aviation

Commercial Marine/Cruise Shipping and Ground Transportation

Churches and Synagogues

Department of Defense

States, Counties and Cities

Retail Establishments

Offices and Commercial Buildings

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