Hungry for Data?

Intelacomm™ serves as the central hub of a proprietary world-wide network of GeoHubs™ – multidimensionally connecting our clients' websites and their associated online directories, blogs and social media with all other GeoHub™ businesses (B), consumers (C), professionals (P), markets (M) and resources (R) in every conceivable direction and combination – B2B, B2C, B2P, B2M, B2R, C2B, C2C, C2P, C2M, C2R, P2B, P2C, P2P, P2M, P2R, M2B, M2C, M2P, M2M, M2R, R2B, R2C, R2P, R2M and R2R.

The useful data generated by dynamic interactions/transactions between and among these many inter-connected online assets can help you find profitable new opportunities and maximize your visibility to your most promising customers/prospects.

Intelacomm™ differentiates data depending on Who or What the data describes, When Intelacomm™ delivers the data, from Where Intelacomm™ receives the data, Why Intelacomm™ deals with the data and How Intelacomm™ generates, collects, manages, disseminates and distributes the data.

Data Products:  ▪ Data Vertical  ▪ Exclusive  ▪ Semi-Exclusive  ▪ Newest-Generated/Collected  ▪ Aged (10/15/30/45/60/75+ Days)  ▪ Business Data History  ▪ Individual Data History  ▪ Leads, Prospects, Analytics and Contact Lists

When/How Data Delivered:  ▪ Live Transfer (phone)  ▪ Real-Time Form  ▪ Instant Chat ▪ Email

From Where Data Received:  ▪ GeoHubs™ and ResourceShark™  ▪ Client-Associated Online Directories   ▪ Blogs   ▪ Social Media Sites  ▪ Third Parties

Why Intelacomm™ Deals With Data:  ▪ Intelacomm™ built and hosts a client's website that is listed on ResourceShark™. This type of client generates and receives the maximum amount of data  ▪ Intelacomm™ hosts a client's website (designed by somebody else) that is listed on ResourceShark™.  ▪  A client's website (designed and hosted by somebody else) is listed on ResourceShark™.  ▪ A client, whether the client's website is listed on ResourceShark™ or not, has a panel ad or banner ad on  ▪ A client purchases data from Intelacomm™.

Main Types of Intelacomm™ Data Purchasing clients:  ▪ Lead buyers  ▪ List buyers  ▪ BI/AI buyers  ▪ Campaign marketers

Main Types of ResourceShark™ Global Directory Index clients/prospects:
▪ Professionals and Businesses  ▪ Non-Profit Organizations  ▪ Religious Organizations  ▪ Political Organizations  ▪ MLMs  ▪ Membership Groups  ▪ Educational Institutions  ▪ Government Entities  ▪ NGOs

Hungry for data to drive solutions in sales, marketing, recruitment, supply-chain optimization and/or other key areas you consider most important? Contact us now. If you would prefer to speak by phone, call Peter Thusat at +1 216 264 9610.

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