Coming in 2014

We hope you'll find this blog an interesting addition to contemporary sources that explore the internal and external factors influencing whether or not people succeed in their most critical scenario-planning, decision-making and problem-solving activities. For many years my partner and I have worked closely with Owners, CxOs, VPs, Directors and Managers who shoulder responsibility for improving performance, increasing profits and maximizing ROI on revenue-enhancement projects and/or cost-reduction initiatives.

What can you expect here?

Today's global intelligence industry includes both individual/group practitioners engaged in one or more aspects of the traditional intel ordering-collection-analysis-dissemination process, as well as a growing number of software-based solutions designed to speedily automate operations formerly performed by mere humans. This blog will give you a look at some of these intelligence-related duties and tools in action, with special emphasis on timely postings intended to offer particular practical value for:

  • Accounting firms and other consultants
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Manufacturers and distributors
  • Energy producers and technology innovators
  • Franchisors and other service providers
  • Colleges and other educational organizations
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Municipalities and other governmental entities
  • Co-ops and other non-profit groups

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