We turn expenses into earnings for owners of smaller to lower mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies.

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Richard Montellano and Peter Thusat have combined their collective experience as supply chain experts, business operators and competitive intelligence professionals to provide enterprise value optimization for owners of SMB manufacturing and distribution companies with $5 million to $50+ million in annual sales.

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For Owners of SMB Manufacturing and/or Distribution Companies

  • Achieve much higher Enterprise Values.
  • Generate substantial bottom-line increases in Total Returns.

For Private Equity Groups

  • Achieve much higher Enterprise Values for your SMB manufacturing and distribution portfolio companies.
  • Generate substantial bottom-line increases in Total Returns for your portfolio companies.

We at expense2earnings™ intend to also collaborate productively with select investment bankers, M&A advisors, exit planners, wealth managers, business appraisers, commercial bankers, CPAs, consultants and others who have developed well-deserved positions of trust with the owners and operators of SMB manufacturing and/or distribution companies.

If you would like more information about expense2earnings™ or related opportunities, please feel free to contact our Founders & Managing Partners: Richard Montellano and Peter Thusat.